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2nd by Renewd® Brandpage

Below we will show you the best practices for creating a Brand Page about 2nd by Renewd®. A page like this on your site is meant to explain more about 2nd by Renewd® and its practices, giving answers to consumers like ‘Who is Renewd®?’ ‘What is the difference between Renewd® and 2nd by Renewd®?’ and ‘What does Renewd® do?” You will also find examples of texts you can use and visuals ready for your 2nd by Renewd® product information section.


About Renewd®

Choosing Renewd® means preventing e-waste and expanding the devices’ lifecycle. Our line 2nd by Renewd® was born with the same purpose and offers electronics with the same features, but that are even more affordable and extra durable.
This is because the devices that did not qualify for the Renewd® brand for cosmetic reasons but are fit enough to continue their journey, will not end up in the bin. They will be tested in 83 points as all our products and come back on the market under the new product brand 2nd by Renewd®. Even if they show more user traces, our strict Quality Control ensures that they are 100% functional. All the certifications achieved by Renewd® also apply to our line 2nd by Renewd®.


“2nd by Renewd® extends the life of devices thanks to our rigorous quality control.
Each 2nd by Renewd® electronic has been carefully checked for 83 points of functionality and cleaned to achieve technical. Because these devices are living their second life they may have noticeable traces of use. “


“2nd by Renewd® makes it possible for even more devices to be reused and life their second life, preventing even more e-waste around the world. We are saving more than 100L for each device that does not need to be manufactured. Each Smartphone directly has impact on the planet, for each Smartphone sold Renewd® donates a portion to reforestation projects with WeForest.”


“Renewd® guarantees its quality through official certifications such as the Refurbished Certificate from TÜV Nord and Techniek Nederland and the European RecQ Certification from RCube and DEKRA, setting new quality standards for second-life devices. Find out more on the Renewd® website! “


We proudly showcase all available certifications, emphasizing our commitment to reliability and quality. It’s a testament to our dedication to building trust with our partners and consumers. You can find all our certificates in our media kit and on our website. We also have separate imagery available including these certificates, making sure everything is within Renewd® style.


Explore our Media Kit for 2nd by Renewd® where you’ll find a curated collection of images showcasing our commitment to quality and sustainability. All images are thoughtfully separated for Renewd® and 2nd by Renewd®, providing a clear visual representation of our brand essence. Click the link below to access the media kit and immerse yourself in the 2nd by Renewd® style.

Extra Information

To add more information about 2nd Renewd® you could use these following topics, giving consumers just that little extra information that might give them the security they seek.

Functionality Test (80+ Points): Our 2nd by Renewd® devices undergo a meticulous testing process, examining over 80 functionality points. This ensures each device meets stringent quality standards for optimal performance.

Warranty Inclusion: Experience added assurance with our inclusive warranty package. At 2nd by Renewd®, we prioritize customer satisfaction, providing peace of mind and confidence with every purchase.

Certified Pre-Owned Aspect: Discover the 2nd by Renewd® difference with our Certified Pre-Owned Devices. Undergoing rigorous certification by organisations like TÜV Nord and Dekra, our devices guarantee authenticity and quality.


For each 2nd by Renewd® device, we like to show how much we have for each device, making sustainability even closer to home. We have specific calculations for Water, CO2 and resource savings. These can be used anywhere Renewd® products are sold. As shown below, we also use our icons in combination with the saving figures.

55KG Emissions


100 L of
Water Saved

Contributing to

137 KG Raw
Materials Saved

External Links

For any links on these brand pages, linking back to the Renewd® website will improve the search for information. On our website, consumer can get a better feeling for the sustainability of our product. Should you need links or have feedback on our pages please send your information to [email protected].

Quality Control Video

Our Quality Control animation will shed more light on the Renewd® Quality Control process. This process also applies to 2nd by Renewd® devices, all technical checks will be performed assuring it is of the same technical quality. This gives clear insight to those who might be curious about how their newly purchased device is checked for more than 80 functionality points. We recommend showing the video in the language of your main consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about 2nd by Renewd® products are very common. We have a small library of FAQ questions you can use for your page to solve any potential doubts and help avoid returns. You can check them out and use them on your brand page.

What is the difference between 2nd by Renewd® and Renewd®?

Renewd® is the brand of second-life devices known for the high quality of its products. The devices that did not qualify for the Renewd® brand for cosmetic reasons, but are fit enough to continue their journey, will not end up in the bin. They will now go through the same functional testing as all our products. They will be tested in 83 points and come back on the market under the new product brand 2nd by Renewd®.

What do these certificates mean?

The Refurbished Certificate is a recognised Dutch quality mark in the area of used products. This Certificate is supported by Techniek Nederland and TüV, among others. So far, the Certificate only applies to iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices, and these Renewd® are covered by it. RecQ certification sets a standard in quality assurance. This certification assures a commitment to delivering safe and high-quality devices. Where the process is checked to be sustainable and environmentally conscious for all Renewd® devices.

How do I claim my warranty?

When receiving a Renewd® device you automatically get 2 years of warranty. When you need to claim this warranty go to select your country and find the device that you would like to return. Fill out the form and follow the instructions given to you. Make sure you are qualified to claim your warranty before sending it in.

My device has some scratches what should I do?

Every Renewd® device has been given a sustainable second life and may therefore have a few scratches, but this does not affect its ease of use. 2nd by Renewd® devices may show signs of use, but their second or third life prevents even more e-waste around the world. Each device is checked by certified specialists on more than 80 points with the official software of the manufacturer.

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