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Product Pages

Below we will give you the best practices for creating a Renewd® device product page. In the image, you can see an example of a completed product page that is compliant.


In the Renewd® Media Kit, you will be able to find a wide variety of images to represent each device in detail.
We recommend using this series of images on your main product page.


– Back and front of the device
– Device with Renewd® logo
– Backside of device
– Device with certificates and showing minimal user traces.
– 3D overview packaging

All images for Renewd® products can be downloaded from the Media Kit.

Product Title

Product titles are made up of a few aspects, follow these guidelines and you will surely have a product title with great SEO and find-ability.

For the product title, Renewd® recommends using our brand name as a guide for customers to find products, putting our devices in the ‘Refurbished’ category for findability but giving clear information that these devices are not refurbished.

Our ‘®’ Symbol is mandatory as Renewd® is a trademarked brand. We prefer to not use Apple in the product title as our devices cannot uphold the same promises as Apple but remain of the same quality.

Follow this format for a clear and accurate product title:
Renewd® [Device Model] [Storage Capacity] [Colour]

Renewd® devices are not refurbished but can usually be categorised under ‘refurbished’ in the breadcrumbs. This way consumers will find the products with ease. You can find more information on this on our SEO page.

This image contains – Brand name (Renewd®)- ® symbol (®) – Model name – Storage capacity – Colour.
It is categorised under the refurbished category and follows the format for a good SEO.


We will explain more about giving extra information about Renewd® on product pages and best practices.

We guarantee 100% functional devices and high quality. Our appliances are inspected and tested on more than 80 points by certified specialists.
All Renewd® devices come with a 2-year warranty.

These extra bits of information can give consumers more security about the Renewd® devices, and explain some of our Renewd® Promises. Here are some quick examples of these extra pieces of information.

High Quality: Through our 80+ points functionality test we assure consumers that our devices are in good condition and only have minimal user traces.

100% Functional Devices: Our devices are made up of original parts, we do not replace any components inside the phones and make sure that the software is original as well.

2-Year Warranty: In the rare case that something is wrong with their device, Renewd® offers consumers an extensive warranty that covers a repair or a replacement, providing them with a long-lasting device.

These correspond to our Renewd® promises. It is information that you can add not only as a short description but also to the product page.

Product Information

For every product we have a detailed explanation you can use on your product or brand webpages. You can find these descriptions in the Media Kit folder for Product Information. These texts serve as a good base for every copywriting you do for a Renewd® product. Before creating revised versions contact our brand team for approval and supervision.

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