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Renewd® offers a wide range of ready-to-use visual materials for digital and physical advertising through our special offers or environmental days that we promote. While these materials can be customised to your specific requests or branding needs, it’s important to note that all modifications and branding changes must be approved by our brand team to maintain consistency and ensure the highest quality standards.

Offline Materials

All materials shown in this page are made for different and specific stores or campaigns of our Official Partners. We can help you create custom materials like, brochures, posters and other printed materials. All retail branding posibilities can be agreed after evaluating the budget and the store possibilities. Let’s get in touch! Ask your Account Manager to arrange a meeting to define your needs or contact us directly via e [email protected]

Online Materials

During special offer days such as Black Friday, Back to School, or our annual Summer Sale in June, Renewd® provides you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the offers we’ll be featuring. When you choose to participate in these campaigns, you’ll gain access to a suite of specialized resources, including tailor-made social media content, banners, copywriting, and website content that’s designed to maximise your campaign’s success.

Do’s and Don’ts


Renewd® has established specific guidelines regarding the use of our branding and messaging in social media, introductions, campaigns, and copywriting. These guidelines are designed to ensure consistency in our communication and uphold our brand identity. We recommend that partners refer to these guidelines to maintain alignment with our branding and messaging standards.

Partner Announcement

Renewd® provides ready-made “Partner Announcements” to assist partners in announcing their new partnerships on social media. However, prior to posting these announcements, partners are required to seek approval by sending them to [email protected]. This ensures that all partner announcements align with Renewd®’s branding and messaging guidelines before being shared with the public.



Bye Refurbished, Hello Renewd®!
[Company] is thrilled to announce our partnership with Renewd®, the sustainable alternative for new devices. All Renewd® smartphones undergo rigorous testing by certified professionals and assure the highest quality standards. Join us in saying “Bye Refurbished, Hello Renewd®” as we take steps toward a more eco-friendly business model towards a smarter future.

#SustainableTech #RenewdPartnership #TechInnovation


We are excited to share that we are now offering Renewd® devices – offering you a sustainable smartphone experience. Every Renewd® device is meticulously inspected, tested, and packaged with the environment in mind. Join us in making a conscious choice for a greener future. Let’s say Bye to Refurbished and Hello to Renewd®!”

#sustainabletech #renewd #renewdphone #refurbished


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Renewd®, bringing you a new era of sustainable technology. Get ready to say “Bye Refurbished, Hello Renewd®” as we redefine the standards for eco-conscious tech. Our Renewd® devices are not only the highest quality on the market but also packaged sustainably for a cleaner planet. Join us in this exciting journey towards a smarter, greener tomorrow!


Below, you’ll discover a collection of pre-designed mock-up social media posts, ready for your use. If you want to make changes or adjustments, send your new design over to [email protected]

Ecological Moments

Renewd® also provides visuals for social media and copywriting, which are included in campaign proposals. We also celebrate environmental days and we encourage partners to partake in this kind of campaign giving a special moment to highlight sustainable practices and a good time to showcase second life products.


For campaigns and special occasions, Renewd® offers copywriting services for social media posts. If you wish to create your own text, please send it to [email protected] for content approval. Below, you can find some guidelines to help you with your content creation.


This World Environment Day, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Renewd® for a sustainable tech revolution. Together, we bring you eco-friendly solutions that merge quality and affordability.

Choosing Renewd® is not just a smart business move; it’s a commitment to a greener future. Explore our Renewd® product range today and join us in making a positive impact on the world. Happy World Environment Day!


This World Environment Day, join us and Renewd® in embracing sustainable tech solutions. Our Renewd® devices, the perfect blend of quality and safety, are here to make a difference. Let’s celebrate a greener tomorrow together. Explore our Renewd® product range now and stay tuned for exclusive offers.

Happy World Environment Day!

#WorldEnvironmentDay #sustainability #refurbished


On this World Environment Day, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Renewd® for sustainable Certified Pre-Owned Devices.

Renewd® devices offer quality and assurance, making them your choice for eco-conscious devices. Join us in celebrating a greener future. Explore our Renewd® product range today and look out for exclusive offers.

Happy World Environment Day!

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