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Below you will find a short explanation of our Certificates and the correct way to use these in visuals or in copywriting.

Refurbished Certificate

The Refurbished Certificate can be used in combination with our Renewd® logo or with the iPhone, Macbook and iPad. However, do not use the logo with the Apple Watch, as this one is not certified by the Refurbished Certificate.


The Refurbished Logo can be used in colour or in black and white as depicted below. This logo is not meant to be used in any other colour or styled for your own personal brand. The Refurbished logo should always be bigger than 4 cm on screen and used in full definition.

RecQ Label

The RecQ Label can be used in combination with the Renewd® Logo and in grey or green colours.
This label also has an icon that you can use for your visual media. Make sure to always use this logo in a high-quality format and have ‘Verified by Dekra’ visible on the logo.

Renewd® Ecovadis Rating

As Renewd® has received the Ecovadis Bronze rating we are proud to carry the bronze medal and show our commitment to sustainability. Our promotional material will provide you with instances of our Ecovadis Medal. Avoid using this plaque as a separate image if your company is not associated with Ecovadis on its own.


Partners can use our labels alongside Renewd® or Renewd® products. Don’t use them for certifications or on unrelated official documents. This ensures our branding stays clear and consistent. All newly created visuals must be submitted to [email protected] for approval.

Renewd® Watch

The Renewd® Apple Watch does not carry the Refurbished Certificate, this certificate is created for bigger devices. Because of this imagery depicting the Renewd® Apple Watch cannot carry the Refurbished Certificate.

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