Renewd wants to become the leading provider of premium branded refurbished iPhones and iPads globally by offering the highest possible quality at a competitive price. By doing this Renewd gives their customers an outstanding value for money.


To help reduce the world’s e-waste and make sustainable choices more affordable as the world’s leading brand selling premium refurbished Apple products. Renewd makes sustainable choices more affordable as Europe’s first brand offering premium refurbished (Apple) products globally and uses only 100% genuine components.

Meet Our Team

Meet our ambitious team that works with an intense passion to provide the world with Renewd Apple devices which contribute to a greener environment.

Bram Wingens

Bram is an enthusiastic and ambitious serial entrepreneur who has successfully built up sustainable partnerships in the IT and telecom branches for 8 years now. Bram is energized by fulfilling business relations that result in a win-win situation for both parties. Furthermore, Bram is always open and searching for creative commercial opportunities.

Jorg Buteijn

Jorg Buteijn is one of the co-founders of Renewd and together with Bram he started different businesses in the world of Apple and telecom since 2011. Jorg is the tech guy among us and knows the latest and greatest details of the current and upcoming devices. Besides that, he likes (of course) gadgets, running and watching tv-shows.

Pieter Waasdorp

Pieter Waasdorp is what you might call a telecom veteran. He started his telecom career as the purchase director for the largest global ICT distributor Ingram Micro and worked in the UK. Later, he founded the Dutch branch of 20:20Mobile (later acquired by Brightstar) and was responsible for Benelux, France and Eastern-Europe. At Renewd, his focus is expanding Renewd’s presence outside Benelux and optimising internal procedures and processes.

René Stoltz

René is constantly in the search of sustainable business relations in telecom hardware; a sector in which he has 5 years of working experience. René believes that the optimal efficiency for long-term business relations is achieved by good communication, trust and sincerity.

Thomas van den Broek

Thomas thrives on building strong long-term partnerships with both clients and vendors of new and used mobile devices. He believes that loyalty, integrity, and transparency are the fundamentals of creating and maintaining sustainable business relations. Besides work Thomas loves CrossFit and he likes to go out with his friends.

Gert-Jan Marechal

Gert-Jan believes that good processes and quality starts with perfect business relationships.
In his career, Gert-Jan worked in management positions for distributors, vendors and resellers. Gert-Jan provides suiting solutions for telecom-oriented challenges because of his extensive knowledge of the market. Besides the love for his work Gert-Jan is also a musician and a real burgundy!

Marco Claassen

Marco is the youngest “dinosaur” at Renewd and has been working in the IT/Telecom-sector for more than 20 years. After his study (Bachelor of Business Administration), Marco worked in various divisions of the telecom sector, from the smallest distributor in the Netherlands to the largest in the world. Marco is responsible for all commercial activities at Renewd and more than interested in what he can do for you! He will gladly bring his years of experience and enthusiasm!

Kees van Donselaar

In the past 25 years, Kees worked in numerous sales positions in the B2C and B2B sector. In his last position as Sales and Marketing Manager, Kees was responsible for the whole B2B-unit at a large financial institution. At Renewd, Kees is responsible for the B2B-sales in the Netherlands and Europe. Kees is always searching for new B2B commercial opportunities. Quality, sustainability, unburden and trust are keywords.

Elias Silva

As head of finance, Elias evaluates the figures with a helicopter view and he advices the management in achieving a healthy financial situation for Renewd. Elias believes that if you want to achieve your goals, you need to be in full control.

Jordy Coolen

Since the foundation of Renewd, Jordy is continuously looking for new prospects to bring Renewd to a higher level of success. Jordy is mainly responsible for the B2C and B2B telecom retail chains in the Benelux. Using his expertise in telecom retail, Jordy transforms new relations into sustainable long-term partnerships.

Lucas van Zwam

Lucas is satisfied if our customers are satisfied. Lucas manages the coolest Renewd projects and does not stop before they are a success. His motivation is transforming issues into short and long-term solutions. For Renewd, he is the link between our customers and our project partners.

Zakia van Leeuwen

Zakia doesn't believe in obstacles and thinks in challenges, which is thanks to her 11 years of experience in financial administration. Her daily motive is mainly making progress, a good structure in proceedings and being result orientated. Zakia is the main reason our bookkeeping is top-notch, just like Renewd!

Ibrahim Özkal

After his master's degree in Media Psychology, Ibrahim worked in the IT as a QA consultant. In September 2017, Ibrahim returned to his foundation: Marketing, and regulates the marketing activities of Renewd on a strategic and operational level. In his spare time, Ibrahim loves to travel, regularly participates in charity and is a certified football referee.

Demet Karaca

Being a consumer electronics fanatic, Demet started her career at Renewd as a Junior Buyer. She strongly believes that a person is never done learning. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she pursued her passion for travelling for a few months. In addition, Demet loves reading books in her spare time, as well as watching movies and series.

Chiel Guliker

Chiel has quite some experience in the telecom retail market. In this market he learned what the customers want, but also, how the resellers think. At Renewd, he aims to create reliable and long-term business relationships with the knowledge and experience he already gained in the market.

Max Oosterbroek

During his study at Wageningen University, Max already came in touch with the importance of the green environment. With his interest in marketing and knowledge about the importance of the environment, Max knew that being a marketer at Renewd would be a good fit. Now, Max communicates the USP's of Renewd with our resellers, distributors, and customers in a way that everyone becomes aware about the environmental advantages of Renewd.

Zeno Tonnis

Zeno started his career working for Vodafone and Telekom/T-Mobile in Germany. After 12 years' experience in telecom sales, he started working for handset vendors in Europe. He successfully negotiated with providers like T-Mobile in Europe and managed business with the partners. He is now responsible for managing the distributors, win key accounts with focus on Germany, but also implements new countries to our business.

Jeroen Biesemans

After his study Business Management, Jeroen worked for Samsung Belgium and moved to France to improve his French. Now, he is back in Belgium to represent Renewd! Jeroen is always looking for premium partners to develop long-term business relationships and assists his clients to the fullest concerning the deployment of Renewd in Belgium.

Building towards a greener environment, we do that together! Do you want to be a part of our team and work in a fast-growing company? Check out our job vacancies!