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Original Parts
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Return Service

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The Strictest Control in Second Life Devices

100% Original Parts

No risks, no fake parts. Our product portfolio complies with manufacturer standards.

Strictest Control

Our devices are living their second life, while still having their best quality inside and outside.

2-Year Warranty

Device, accessories and battery are fully covered, plus an extra Free Pick-Up and Return Service.

Of course! All our products are proudly labelled with the

Refurbished Certificate!

Renewd Refurbished Certificate

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We Forest

We care about sustainability. Not just with our products, but even further! That’s why we are teaming up with WeForest, and contributing to reforestations in Ethiopia one iPhone at a time.

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Green Consumption Pledge

All of our devices contain 100% Original Parts. No fake parts or alerts of incompatibility on your device.

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