Renewd® for Business

Looking to improve the sustainable approach of your company,
save on costs along the way and keep the same quality?
Renewd® has the perfect solution for you!

Concrete Benefits per Employee

Product Price

Approximately 20% financial savings on each device.


Significant ecological savings, by giving devices a second life.

Trees Grown

Supporting responsable eco-projects, one device at a time.

Let’s talk about the options!


A single Renewd® iPhone will already have a direct impact on the environment. Compared to a new iPhone, you will save around 55.5KG of CO2 emissions and 100 liter of water, as a Renewd® iPhone is given a second life. Can you imagine the impact if all your employees work with Renewd® devices?

The sustainable approach doesn’t end there. For each Renewd® iPhone bought, Renewd® will make a donation to a reforestation project from WeForest in Ethiopia. Making a difference has never been easier!


Usually, companies are offered only one year of warranty on the electronics bought. Renewd® on the other hand has a standard 2-year warranty (battery and accessories included)Are you interested in any additional years of warranty (services)? The warranty can be extended to up to 3 years of additional warranty, with a Free Pick-Up & Return Service included!


In addition to a lower price, you can make use of our buy-back services. Renewd® will buy the devices from your company and they will go again through a sustainable responsible cycle.
Is your current stock depreciated and ready to be replaced? Let’s get in touch. After a thorough inspection, many devices can still last for years!


Renewd® is more than just products, our additional services will lead to an optimal uptime of your employees.  Think about:

  • Online portal for your employees, where they can order hardware  
  • Last-mile logistics, delivering at the office
  • Mobile Device Management (i.e. Apple Business Manager) 
  • Intake and distribution at on- and off-boarding
  • Comprehensive reporting 

Compliancy is Key

We’re aware of the importance of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the working environment. You don’t want to burden your employees with refurbished devices that contain third-party parts. By using 100% Original Parts and following the manufacturers procedures and guidelines, Renewd® guarantees your employers safety.

As an employer, you’re obliged to provide a safe working environment for your employees. By choosing Renewd® devices, you choose a high-quality, sustainable and safe option. All our products are checked by an Authorised Repair Center and are in perfect technical condition.

We’re working together with carefully chosen partners,
to deliver the desired quality in every aspect of the process.

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