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BDO About Entrepreneurship – Script Podcast #4 

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Our CEO, Bram Wingens, was asked by one of our customers, BDO, to tell something more about Renewd, our way of working and the challenges we faced during Covid-19. Are you curious about what they spoke about? On this page you’ll find a small overview with some of the most important lessons shared by our CEO.

Wouter Kurpershoek, BDO:
“Hi Bram, welcome. You’re the owner of a wonderful company, Renewd. If I understand it correctly, you’re selling refurbished Apple devices. Do you have a physical store? Or multiple of them?”

Bram Wingens, Renewd:
“We’re selling our products through resellers, which may sound cumbersome, but we’re seeing ourselves as the producer of these refurbished Apple devices. We make sure that our devices are of an outstanding quality. We’re not selling directly to the consumer, but we’re making use of distribution model.”

Wouter Kurpershoek, BDO:
“How did you end up with the idea of selling refurbished devices?”

Bram Wingens, Renewd:
We were already selling new Apple devices, when the saw that thee demand for secondhand Apple devices started to increase. The new devices have less technological innovations as they used to have, which is why people are satisfied with a refurbished device as well. They are cheaper, more sustainable and have nearly the same features as the newest iPhone devices.

Wouter Kurpershoek, BDO:
“Even the secondhand devices can be quite expensive, can’t they?”

Bram Wingens, Renewd:
As the new Apple devices are much more expensive, we think we offer a great value for money for those people that are looking for a high-end smartphone for a lower price. Additionally, there is still a big difference in those ‘refurbished’ devices. One of our unique selling points is our quality. We work with a strict quality control process, which makes sure that all our devices have original Apple parts and have minimal user traces.

There is a big difference between our refurbished devices and a secondhand iPhone device from a local repair shop. It’s a big challenge to convince the consumer of this differences. Why should they buy a refurbished device at a reseller from Renewd, when they could get a cheaper secondhand iPhone from a local repair shop as well?”

Wouter Kurpershoek, BDO:
Did you encounter any challenges at the start of Covid-19? Did you start to see thing differently?”

Bram, Wingens, Renewd:
Covid-19 had an impact in our business as well, of course. The first few weeks we started to see other risks than usual. We were living from day to day to see where we had to adjust things, but we managed to get things in control in the first weeks. It’s one of the advantages of our partner model, we can focus on the things we’re good at.

What are we going to do? At the office, we’re online oriented, which made it easier for us to work from home. Additionally, our logistic processes needed adjustments, stock had to be relocated. Some of our retail resellers had to close their stores, while others were already focusing on online sales and even needed extra stock due to the extra sales they made.

We had to estimate the risks because of the changing world around us, which wasn’t an easy process.”

Wouter Kurpershoek, BDO:
Which advise do you want to share with the listeners (readers), as a final remark?”

Bram  Wingens, Renewd:
Keep focusing on doing what you’re good at and keep building added value from there. Let others focus on what they’re good at and together, you can make a change.”

About Renewd

Renewd is a brand of refurbished iPhone, iPad and MacBooks devices of the highest quality imaginable. The Utrecht-based company, founded in 2014 and now active throughout Europe in collaboration with major retail parties such as, Media Markt and Alza, focuses on making the telecom market more sustainable by giving Apple devices a second life. Its mission is to help reduce the global e-waste problem and make sustainable choices more affordable. All Renewd’s iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices are labelled with the Refurbished Certificate. In addition, Renewd is the only brand that demonstrably uses 100% genuine Apple parts.

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