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Bye Refurbished, Hello Renewd®

Are you looking for a high-end device but don’t want to pay the full price? Then you are looking for a Renewd® device! We will show you our advantages.

Renewd®, what is that and who are we?

Renewd® gives devices a second life and guarantees the highest quality. This is achieved through 100% Functional Parts, the Strictest Control of the European market, and a two-year warranty.

To help reduce global waste and ecological footprint, Renewd® makes sustainable choices more affordable for everyone. Our goal? To become the leading brand worldwide that gives high quality used appliances a second life. An ideal green alternative!

Curious about our brand? Read on and we’ll tell you more!

What can you expect?

The Highest Quality: Guaranteed!

A lower price does not mean lower quality. The opposite is true: All the Renewd® devices has been thoroughly checked by certified specialist, on more than 80 different points.

First, they undergo a cosmetic check. Only the devices with minimal traces of use end up in a Renewd® packaging. The 83 points checked include the speakers, Bluetooth, WiFi, and the sensitivity of the touchscreen and cleaning the device thoroughly, just to name a few. After these checks, the latest iOS version is installed on the device.

By using 100% Functional Parts and having the check done by Certified Specialists, Renewd follows Apple’s processes. That is what makes Renewd® so trustworthy!

All Renewd® iPhones are labeled with the Dutch Refurbished Certificate. This means that the checks must meet strict requirements. Is there unexpectedly a problem with your device? You can make use of the 2-Year Warranty and can use the Free Pick-Up and Return Service throughout Europe!

Sustainability, in everything we do

Renewd® is only using 100% Functional Parts, by doing so we rely on the same production chain as our manufacturer does. Valuable resources are saved as they don’t have to be replaced. You can save up to 55 KG of C02 and 100 Liters of water. A sustainable solution that makes the choice easy, right?

It doesn’t stop here; we use sustainable packaging materials that are FSC certified. The material comes from forests that are responsibly managed. The small piece of plastic on your Renewd® device is recycled.

We care. About our products and our planet. Renewd® has decided to team up with WeForest, so we’re able to contribute directly to reforestation projects in Ethiopia for each Renewd® iPhone that is being sold. In this way, we are contributing to a sustainable future!

We’re part of the Green Consumption Pledge.
Working together for a more sustainable future!
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