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Quality Certified Refurbished Devices

It’s official! Renewd® has been awarded three European certificates that guarantee the quality of our Second Life devices and our processes. We are very proud to present the Refurbished certification from TüV Nord and Techniek Netherland for our Renewd® iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices and the RecQ certification from RCube and Dekra for all product categories. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have received the EcoVadis Bronze Rating, which emphasises our commitment to environmentally conscious practises. Renewd® is not just about appliances, but also about having a positive impact on the environment.


Quality Control for the Certification

Our devices are subject to the strictest quality control on the market and are tested by certified experts using the manufacturer’s official software. The software checks the devices for more than 80 critical features to ensure optimal use and quality. To receive the Refurbished Certificate, the devices must be tested for at least 50 critical points (hardware & software). The minimum number of 50 critical points required for the certificate is easily met by our quality control.

A good warranty service is another requirement for these certificates. The Warranty Included extends to the device, battery and accessories within the device. This type of warranty isn’t even applicable to new devices. With our Free Pick-up & Return service, we take a great warranty to the next level.

To obtain these certifications, companies must pass rigorous tests and meet stringent financial requirements. TüV Nederland, EcoVadis and DEKRA, independent certification institutes, perform technical audits and ensure high levels of quality. Our commitment to delivering premium quality devices is backed by these esteemed certifications.

Official logo variations for Quality Certified Refurbished Devices

Official logo variations for RecQ Label of Quality

Bronze EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

Official Bronze Badge from EcoVadis


By giving electronic devices a second life, we save a lot of water and valuable resources and prevent CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere. Our used devices are of high quality and years away from becoming waste. With these certifications, we want to convince our (potential) customers to choose Renewd® products, the most reliable green devices on the market.

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