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Quality Certified Refurbished Devices

It’s official! There is a Certificate for refurbished iPhone, iPad, and MacBook devices in the Netherlands. As Renewd, we’re proud to announce that we’re one of the few companies that have received this certificate. Apple devices that are labelled with this certificate are devices of a premium quality. In collaboration with TUV, we played a major role in the development of this Certificate. The announcement of the Certificate makes the Netherlands the first country in the world with a regulated certificate for refurbished hardware.



Refurbished Warranty

A good warranty service is one of the requirements for this Certificate. The 2-Year Warranty extends to the device, battery and accessories within the device.This type of warranty isn’t even applicable for new devices. With our Free Pick-up & Return service, we take a great warranty to the next level.

Quality Control for the Certification

Our Apple devices are subject to the strictest Quality Control in the market, whilst being tested by Certified Specialists with the official software from the manufacturer. The software inspects the devices on more than 80 critical features and its repair history for optimum use and authenticity. To receive the Refurbished Certificate, the devices should be tested on at least 50 critical points (hardware & software). The minimum of 50 critical points required by the certificate are easily met by our Quality Control. Additionally, we still remain the only one using 100% original parts on the refurbished market.

To receive the Certificate, a company is required to pass several tests. TUV Nederland, an independent certification institute, perform the technical audits at the participating companies to guarantee high levels of quality. However, the premium quality of the products isn’t the only requirement for the Certificate. Certified Companies will have to meet certain financial requirements as well. These requirements are tested by another independent organisation (EDR Credit Services).

Official logo variations for Quality Certified Refurbished Devices


By giving electronic devices a second life, we’re saving a lot of CO2 emissions, while using less precious resources. Our used devices are of a premium quality and years away from becoming waste. With the arrival of the Certificate, we aim on convincing our (potential) customers to choose for a sustainable alternative for hardware.

Looking for more information? Feel free to contact us at: [email protected] | For the official press release, see the following page (Dutch only).

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