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Why new?

With a refurbished iPhone you are also perfectly accessible.


There is no reason anymore to buy a new iPhone. Thanks to the Refurbished Seal of Approval, you have the certainty that a refurbished smartphone is also of high quality and extremely reliable. That is the message of a campaign that can be seen from 12 to 19 February on 1,000 bus stops throughout the Netherlands. The campaign “Why new? With a refurbished iPhone you are also perfectly reachable“ is a joint initiative of branch organization Techniek Nederland and the refurbished companies Forza, iUsed, Swoop, leapp and Renewd.


24 months warranty
Some consumers are still reluctant when it comes to a refurbished iPhone. With this campaign, Techniek Nederland and the quality mark companies make it clear that there is no longer any reason for this. Head of Consumer Electronics Rob Wierenga of Techniek Nederland: “With 24 months, the warranty on an iPhone with the Refurbished Seal is even longer than the warranty that applies to a new device. That gives confidence.”

More recognition for Refurbished Quality Mark
More and more consumers are familiar with the Refurbished Quality Mark, but with this bus stop campaign the companies want to give brand awareness an extra boost. Jan-Willem van Dijk from Forza Refurbished: “This campaign attracts attention with a nod to established providers. And that is precisely the intention. Rumor around the brand.”

Independent review
The name of the TÜV certification institute is visible on the logo and in all campaign statements. Rob Wierenga: “Independent audits from TÜV show that the participating companies do not just call. The devices meet the highest quality level.”

Less waste
Bram Wingens CEO of Renewd understands why interest in the Refurbished quality mark is increasing rapidly. “A refurbished iPhone you are not only price effective, you also contribute to a better environment. If you buy an iPhone with the Refurbished Seal of Approval, that means 55 kilos less CO2 emissions than if you buy a new one. In addition, we use less scarce resources and reduce the mountain of waste.”

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Image: The campaign “Why new? With a refurbished iPhone you are also perfectly accessible” can be seen for a week from 12 February on 1,000 shelters throughout the Netherlands.
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