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Renewd® recently participated in the European Consumer Summit in Brussels to renew their European Sustainable Consumption Pledge and make new commitments for even more circular and sustainable business practices.
The Green Consumption Pledge

The European Sustainable Consumption Pledge is part of the European Climate Pact, which aims to promote sustainable products for consumers and provide them with better information to make conscious choices.Renewd® is one of the pioneers, who have first signed the pledge to accelerate their contribution to a green transition. The core pledge areas include calculating the carbon footprint of the company, increasing the sale of sustainable products, committing to ecological practices and ensuring that information provided to consumers is easy to access, accurate, and clear. Companies that sign The European Sustainable Consumption Pledge must take concrete measures in at least three of the five pledge areas and prove their progress with data that they make public.

The Role of Renewd® in The European Sustainable Consumption Pledge

As a company that focuses on reducing e-waste and lowering the carbon footprint of used electronics, Renewd® is proud to be part of this event and commit itself to the pledge alongside large companies. Renewd® aims to contribute to a more sustainable future by extending the lifespan of used products and preventing them from becoming e-waste too early. Renewd® has pledged to calculate the carbon footprint of its used products starting in 2021 compared to the use of new products and reduce it in 2023. Furthermore, Renewd® has committed itself to expanding its product range further with other used products to give the European consumer more options in choosing sustainable alternatives to new products.

The Future of Green Consumption
The European Sustainable Consumption Pledge initiative focuses on non-food products and is complementary to the Code of Conduct that is launched as part of the Farm to Fork strategy. The Code of Conduct will bring together stakeholders from the food industry to make commitments for responsible business and marketing practices. The European Climate Pact aims to help spread scientifically sound information about climate action and provide practical advice for everyday life choices. It will support local initiatives and encourage climate action pledges by individuals or collectives, helping to mobilize support and participation. As more companies sign The European Sustainable Consumption Pledge, we can look forward to a future with more sustainable products available to consumers and more transparent information provided to them.
We’re part of the Green Consumption Pledge.
Working together for a more sustainable future!
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