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The new Director of Strategy & Circularity at Renewd®
About Joost

Utrecht, 3 July 2023 – Renewd®, the industry leader in Reliable Green Devices, is pleased to introduce Joost Wijermars as Director of Strategy & Circularity. With his extensive experience in driving strategic direction and supporting structure, Joost’s arrival represents an important milestone in our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Renewd® has experienced remarkable growth and is committed to maintain its entrepreneurial spirit and atmosphere while fostering continuous learning and development. Joost’s expertise will be invaluable in maintaining agility and innovation as we grow and leverage insights from larger organisations without falling into unnecessary complexity.

One of Joost’s key strategies will be to strengthen Renewd®’s position as a market category in its own right by offering our customers pre-owned devices that can match new equipment in quality and performance, while also championing sustainability. By raising awareness of the unique value of Renewd® in the second life market, we will inspire greater understanding and appreciation across all our distribution channels. Together with our exceptional employees, we will continue to grow sustainably and drive positive change in our industry.

As Director of Strategy & Circularity, Joost will play a central role in translating our long-term goals into actionable steps for the entire team and lead it to realise our vision of becoming the world’s leading green alternative for reliable and high-quality second-life devices. Our commitment to sustainability, financial stability and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce provides a solid foundation for driving real change in our industry.

“Renewd® not only contributes to a sustainable world by supplying quality used devices but has also become sustainable itself by investing in the growth of its people and processes. I want to contribute to the sustainable growth of the organisation to continue making a difference.”- Joost Wijermars.

Expanding our product range and strengthening our market presence will enable Renewd® to extend the exceptional Renewd® experience to more categories, while helping businesses achieve the circular economy. This approach will not only lead to relevant cost savings, but also to environmental aspects such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of water consumption and the minimisation of raw material consumption associated with the production of new equipment – all while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and comprehensive services.

Press Contact

Georgina Lira – Head of Marketing & Branding at Renewd®
E-mail: [email protected]

About Renewd®

Renewd® is to be the best green alternative worldwide for reliable and high-quality second-life appliances with the aim of reducing the global e-waste and ecological footprint by making sustainable choices more affordable. Renewd® gives devices a second life to create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. This by selling used products that undergo the strictest inspection, contain 100% Functional parts and have a 2-year warranty. Renewd® products are available from retailers, distributors, operators and resellers across Europe.

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