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In today's fast-changing digital world, keeping up with the latest gadgets can be exciting but pricey. Luckily, there's a smart, eco-friendly solution that's gaining popularity – second-hand devices. In this blog post, we'll clear up the confusion around these devices and show you why Renewd® is a better choice than new ones.
Second-Life Devices Lack Quality and Reliability....

Some folks think second-hand devices are not as good as new ones. But at Renewd®, every device gets a thorough check by experts. They look at more than 80 different functionality points and cosmetic quality to make sure each device works great and is reliable. Assuring only minimal user traces. What do we check for? Here is a small list of some of the points we check: user traces, original battery, battery capacity, is the software up to date, is the camera and sound in good condition, and much more.

What if a device is in perfect condition but has some visible user traces? Then they become 2nd by Renewd® making sure not a single device is thrown away unnecessarily.

Second-Life Devices Have Limited Lifespan....

Another misunderstanding is that second-hand devices don’t last long. Nope! Renewd® picks the best devices and gives them a second life. Setting high standards to our devices helps with this, one of the most important points is an original battery that has at least 85% capacity. With these conditions each Renewd® phone is safer and lasts for years.
We do not replace any parts inside the devices and use smart checks to make these devices last longer. Regular updates and support mean you’ll enjoy your Renewd® device for years.

And Renewd® devices are giving those years back to the earth. When you pick a second-hand device, you help cut down on electronic waste and your carbon footprint. Plus, Renewd® donates part of its profits to cool projects like planting trees with WeForest. Saving resources, water and co2 emissions.

Second-Life Devices Lack the Latest Features and Technology.....

You might also think that second-life devices are behind on the latest software or updates but rest assured before the devices leave our care they are cleaned and updated to all the latest features the device can carry. Because we care about giving you a great experience with your new device this is part of our standard quality control process.


It’s time to clear up the confusion about second-hand devices. Renewd® offers awesome options that have great quality backed by certificates and a quality control process. By choosing Renewd®, you’re not just getting a great device, you’re also helping the environment. Explore your Renewd® options and get a green device!


To learn more about Renewd® and our commitment to sustainability, visit our sustainability page.
Together, let’s make a difference!
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