Are you looking for a high-end smartphone, but you don’t want to pay the full price?
Then you’re looking for a Renewd Apple iPhone!
Curious about what you can save by choosing for Renewd?
We’ll show you what the advantages of a Renewd Apple iPhone are in comparison to a new Apple iPhone.

Renewd Apple iPhone

What can you  expect from a Renewd Apple iPhone?
The features of a high-end Apple smartphone, at a much lower cost.
The warranty applies to the device, the accessories and the battery and your Renewd Apple iPhone underwent the strictest quality control in Europe.
Cosmetic check

Our devices are thoroughly checked by certified specialists. Only the devices with minimal traces of use are good enough to end up in a Renewd packaging.

Functionality check

The parts are checked for their authenticity and the Renewd devices are checked at 83 key features. Examples are the speakers, bluetooth, Wifi and sensitivity of the touchscreen. After the check, the devices are updated to the latest version of iOS.

Battery capacity

The battery is tested in various ways, which includes the number of charge cycles, peak performance, chemical age, etc. Each battery passes the strict guidelines of the manufacturer’s software and is therefore in pristine condition.

Refurbished Certificate

All our devices are labeled with the Refurbished Certificate. This means that the checks have to meet strict requirements. Because of this, Renewd always provides you with a premium quality purchase! Always as good as new.


Is something wrong with your iPhone? Then you can use the free Pick-up and Return service for 2 years. Our business customers can also make use of this arrangement.

A Renewd Apple iPhone is a sustainable choice in more ways than one.


The packaging that comes with your Renewd Apple iPhone is made with responsible materials. The cardboard and paper used is FSC certified. This means it comes from responsibly managed forests. On top of that, the minimal amount of plastic that is used to hold your Renewd Apple iPhone in place is recycled plastic.

100% Original Apple parts and accessories

Apple is very strict when it comes to sustainability. They require their partners to adhere to strict terms and conditions and manufacture parts in a responsible way. Because we use original parts, we make use of the same supply chain as Apple to reduce emissions.

These smartphones are living their second life, so they may have some minor user traces on their body. Almost invisible at first sight.

What can you save?

By choosing a Renewd Apple iPhone, you choose to give an iPhone device a second life.
Even though Apple is already very environmentally conscious, the production of just one iPhone device still has a huge impact on the environment.
Did you know that the production of just one Apple iPhone is accompanied with:

[100 L of water + 55.5 KG of CO2 + 137 KG of other raw materials]

Choosing for the best alternative instead of a new Apple iPhone ensures that these raw materials and CO2 emissions aren’t thrown away. With a Renewd Apple iPhone you save money, and you contribute to a sustainable world as well.