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The Best Quality in Environmentally Responsible Devices
Only 100% Original Parts

All our devices fully contain Original Parts. No hassle with fake or third-party parts or any alerts of incompatibility on your device.

Strictest Control

All our devices are thoroughly controlled by certified specialists.

2 Year Warranty

We are so confident about the Quality of our Renewd devices that we offer a 2 year warranty with free Pick-Up and Return Service included.

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Refurbished Certificate!

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Annually, about 42 million tons of e-waste is produced worldwide. A lot of devices that can be reused or recycled are thrown away too easily. This is a great shame for all the materials that are used in the production. For example, 100 litres of water are used in the production of a single iPhone and an average of 55.5KG of CO2 is emitted on top of that. So when you choose a Renewd device, you not only save on your costs, but also on the environment! This way, we give the iPhone a second life. Renewd: Greener & Affordable